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The School of Humanities offers Ph. D. Programme in English, Economics, Sociology and Management. Foreign students have been awarded Ph. D. degree and are also pursuing Ph. D. in the School. To keep the Ph. D. Scholars on track of Ph. D. research journey, the School conducts Semester progress reviews. In Ph. D. theses evaluation, one of the examiners among three examiners of any Ph. D. Thesis of the School is a foreign examiner. To promote quality research, in Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs), few Modules are kept for writing Research Papers and Research Proposals for research Projects. Ph. D. Students have to successfully complete two Course works – 1) Research Methodology and 2) Domain-based. The necessary qualification for submitting the Thesis by a Ph. D. Scholar is – publication of two research papers (out of the Ph. D. Thesis work) in Scopus-indexed Journals.

Exam details (Mid-Semester, End- Semester) 

For each Course in the Course Work, there will be examinations/assessments on the following heads:

  1. Mid-Semester Examinations: 20 Marks
  2. End-Semester Examinations: 50 Marks
  3. Assignments and Presentations: 30 Marks (Both Pre-Mid-Sem and Post-Mid-Sem activities. These Activities will be conducted and assessed by the respective course teacher or Ph. D. guides for their respective Ph. D. Scholars).
  • Registration Seminar (To be assessed by the Research Scrutiny Committee)
  • Semester Progress Review (To be assessed by the Research Scrutiny Committee in each Semester).
  • Synopsis Seminar (Pre-Submission Seminar before the Research Scrutiny Committee in the presence of all the faculty members and Ph. D. Research Scholars of the School)
  • Final Thesis will be examined by three external examiners (two Indian examiners and one foreign examiner)
  • Viva Voce Examination on the basis of recommendation of three external examiners of the Ph. D. Thesis.

Program Head

Dr. Sukanta Chandra Swain

Prof. Sukanta Ch. Swain

Associate Dean
School of Humanities
[email protected]